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How To Understand And Appreciate Statistics? Brief Simple Guide For The Puzzled Learners

Brief simple guide for the puzzled or utterly confused learners in statistics
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This E-Book is written for learners in statistics who are utterly confused. It is a brief, simple guide that can help facilitate the learning process for easy absorption and appreciation of the essential topics in statistics. 

For the first time, it might be your chance to read a statistics book while you get yourself out of the stress associated with calculations of numbers and memorization of formula. You already had that chance with you the moment you decided to grab a copy of this book. 

Just like many others, you might be among those puzzled learners in statistics. Nonetheless, you find yourself with that desire to learn. The author acknowledged such a need. 

This book does not contain any computations. The author just simply designed it like a brief, simple guide to facilitate your learning in statistics. This will allow you to know where to begin absorbing the subject. By learning it in this manner, you will understand statistics the easier way.

If you are among those learners who want to be enlightened more, this book intends to make you understand the general principles associated with statistics and its use. This will give you insights on the various statistical tools and techniques and the knowledge of when to use them. 

The book is organized in a manner learners can easily grasp the general concepts associated with statistics. They will be guided to understand the connections between the basic and intermediate concepts. 

Greatly indebted to his loving wife and children, the author acknowledges the moral support and motivation they contributed to make this book possible. 

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To God be the glory! 

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