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Welcome to My First Academic Research Book Project

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The rigors of academic research

My first project is a reference, non-fiction book for academic research.

As noticed, there are still many students in the academe who are not fully conversant with the entire academic research process. I find this myself a reality, at some point, especially in many parts of the developing countries. 

I want to come up with a book that can show them which convenient options or ways to take to help them do an academic research the easier way. My intention is to make this as much fun as possible and informative to read. In the end, they have to learn substantial information on how an academic research should be initiated. 

Based on my actual experience, there are actual techniques to employ to create a fast, but reliable research progress. 

In the presence of an accessible and the diverse online technologies nowadays, one may just have to acquire appropriate ideas, directions and guidance to make out a good detail of an excellent academic research. 

You can find below an excerpt from the chapter in my book. 

"From the beginning, an informal research placed us a cut above the other life forms on this blue planet.

As they observed, on a number of ways, our ancient relatives managed to figure out that their size, strength and speed were substantially no match to that of the gigantic beasts. To successfully co-exist with other life forms in the wild life, our forefathers took the opportunity to live in caves and create fire, weapons and tools to defend themselves and survive. Many issues in social science attribute this to intelligence. Furthermore, natural science owes this to natural selection and evolution. I find myself not in a position to contest that. But I want to expound further

If you are interested to purchase a copy of this book, please don't hesitate to contact me for more details. I look forward to helping you in your future academic endeavor and success. More power and God bless!

About the Author

is a PhD in Development Research and Administration.