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How To Be Successful? The Story Of Rubber Tire And The Quintessence Of Success

Discover the essential questions to ask to be successful. Read on.
The rubber tire is an iconic celebration of discovery and success

Here are some words of encouragement for you. Learn that there's always something worthy to be discovered. A worthy discovery has meaningful purpose. Finally, success has associated challenges. However, in the end, the juice is worth the squeeze. 

Successful people are always having the following words and principles in their heart. You can emulate them, anyway.  

1. There's always something worthy to be discovered

In its original state, rubber cannot withstand from heat and cold. Charles Goodyear found the solution that led to the stabilization of rubber by combining sulfur and white lead in the process called vulcanization, a term named after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.

2. A worthy discovery has meaningful purpose

After stabilizing rubber in order for it to withstand heat and cold, its industrial use has been made possible today. It revolutionizes our modern-day travel through the invention of the rubber tire. 

The common brand of our modern tire is named after Goodyear. 

Rubber in its stable form has made the following things to be conceivable today - various modern electronic gadgets, machines, generators, engines, medical equipment and apparatus, condoms, etc. Thanks to the ingenuity of Goodyear.

3. Success has associated challenges

However, Goodyear faced various challenges prior to finally finding the right formula to stabilize the rubber. He spent long hours in his laboratory. Worst, his health was compromised when one of his experiments damaged the cells of his lungs. 

That incident caused Goodyear a costly medication, leading to his bankruptcy. Despite the array of trials he faced, Goodyear never stopped the moment he recuperated a bit. His persistence paid off when he finally discovered what he was looking for. 

To be successful is most of the time not a one-night stand. You have to be persistent no matter the costs or associated risks. 

If you think you are not successful today, begin to ask yourself the following questions. 

Have I tried hard enough? 

Did I choose to be persistent? 

Did I choose to take risks or accept discomforts even if it would mean my very own life? 

Before you surrender and say to yourself that you have had enough in making attempts, ask yourself with the essential questions linked to success. 

About the Author

ARTHELO P. PALMA is a PhD in Development Research and Administration.