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Why Teen Pregnancy In The Philippines Prevalent?

Understand the probable root cause of teen pregnancy in the Philippines.
Early engagement to sexual relationship resulted to the prevalence of teen pregnancy in the Philippines

TEENAGE or EARLY PREGNANCY is prevalent in the country [Philippines]. The reason? There are many potential reasons. The following are some of them. 

1. Absence of shame and guilt 

One might be due to the absence of shame and guilt, which may have resulted to poor insights on responsibility and moral values. 

Young people of the new generation are motivated to do the things that would make them happy, disregarding the thought if these could hurt others or not, surely a very selfish outlook in life. As Nike's familiar tag line puts it, "Just do it." The young generation, the future leaders, are becoming too selfish, which is a potential danger into the world in the days to come. 

Add to the fact that influence could be triggered more by the online world as p0rn0graphy and other relevant stuffs could feed their (sadly, even children with age below 12) lustful thoughts anytime they so desire.

2. Appropriate discipline

How to ensure that there would be a balance between shame, guilt and self-esteem? Simple but hard to do. Discipline. 

Genuine discipline, one with a component of love. In the absence of corporal punishment in school, parents' inability to inflict pain due to children's right, and parents' lack of time due to work, financial and economic matters, many young people and students do not care getting pregnant at an early age. Many of them got to rebel against their parents or concerned authorities. Most of this is for their own pleasure in engaging into romantic affair even if they are too young for such an affair.

A substantial amount of shame and guilt is necessary for a person's growth and development in order to achieve a balanced self-esteem, one that would result to responsibility and concern for moral values. 

Learn more about Erikson's Psycho-Social Theory of Development and Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development and you will know how important are shame and guilt for effective moral development and building a responsible person.

Do not say this is JUST a theory. A scientific theory is what explains the reality because it is based on facts and evidence. 

Have you ever wondered why a doctor would ask you many questions? The answer is simple. He wants to hear answers that he can connect to scientific theories to effectively provide you with sound judgment or diagnosis on your health. 

Now, I'm discussing with you not about health of the body, but social health. Be richly blessed! 

About the Author

ARTHELO P. PALMA is a PhD in Development Research and Administration. 


  1. It is the best of times and the worst of times. Ours is a generation of increased worldly sexuality, a "brave new world." The best way to survive and to stay on top of things is through Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Immorality is not love. It's pleasure, but not true, lasting joy. It is one of Satan's favorite tools, especially in this world of near infinite access to information on a global level. Even in this turmoil, we must keep the bright flame of hope alight in heart and mind. It will get harder, and Satan will use this trouble as a weapon against us. He will tell us to give up, because it's "too hard," or "uncomfortable." But we must remember God's infinite power and wisdom, and, if The Holy Spirit is with us, we need not fear anything. Not even death itself. God watches over His people, even when you can't see it. He loves you and made you alive in the 21st century for a special reason. All you have to do now is decide which side you're on the comfortable or the Christ-like.


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