Did The Humanity Fail Again? What Insights We Need To Learn From Our Modern-Day Development?

Bill Gates on TED Talks in 2015 addressing the issue on pandemic

Have you imagined if the world's one (1) percent of the richest would unite? Imagine if Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Rockefeller, Microsoft, IBM, Gates Foundation (vaccination advocacy), the mobile network service providers (for the 5G implementation) and the richest pharmaceutical and banking companies would come together for a common purpose or action. 

I tell you, they could actually take control of the world. In what way or why? 

1. Artificial intelligence or AI

These powerful few rich have the power to propose to every government to go digital in everything, including but not limited to currency, but as well as the employment of "Artificial Intelligence" or AI. 

Search the Google Scholar and you will be amazed by the volume of information about Artificial Intelligence. This means that this modern human creation is already widely studied. 

What for? Who are behind it? Why is this widely studied in the first place? Do the University Professors have something to do with it? 

These University professors were happy to work on a project. They were more than glad to be funded to study matters involving their expertise. Experts in Artificial Intelligence would be glad to be part of it. 

Who funded them? The answer to this question lies on understanding about who would benefit the most from the cerebral products of our experts at the bottom line. There's always a business or say, an economic engagement in everything. 

2. Things Artificial Intelligence can potentially do

The employment of Artificial Intelligence would only mean that many humans would possibly be jobless in the future. It's not impossible that when it comes to health diagnosis, a machine or Artificial Intelligence could do that later, replacing the job of a doctor. By enhancing or perfecting its algorithm on jurisprudence and the local laws of the land and the international laws, an Artificial Intelligence in the future could possibly replace a lawyer. 

Don't laugh at the idea because the possibility is never that slim. You've seen already how Alexa is beginning to gain popularity. 

3. Failure to realize the possible unknown

So where did we, as humanity, for another time, has failed again just like what happened in the story of the Tower of Babel? We give too much trust in the proliferation of digital industry, because we see it how it gives us comfort and speed in getting things done. 

We never thought so much of the unknown and the deepest troubles it may bring us in the long run. 

4. The rich can survive, at least, financially

There's always a price to pay, anyway. That price is we're paying for the rich to survive. Are they supposed to be the fittest to survive in this world? 

Take a look at our case today. Only the rich will survive, at least financially, in the long run if there will be no vaccine on COVID-19 and the global lockdown will persist for more months. Things will never go back to normal unless a vaccine is registered to more than 7 billion people. Nonetheless, imagine the economic troubles this has already caused the world.

How long our wait will be over for this agony? 

5. Failure to create substantially diverse industries

We overlooked the idea of producing other industries that are less vulnerable to destruction or global pandemic. Worst, we allow the few rich and influential to kill the rising industries that are supposed to be more beneficial for the human existence. 

That's exactly the message and philosophy of the film "The Matrix". Let me add to it a bit. The machine or Artificial Intelligence is created to replace human's potential and even more. This also has long been the message of industrialization. This message is something that J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of the most iconic film "Lord of the Rings" would like to convey to the humanity. 

Remember how Tolkien ended his novel with the Tower of Barad-dur destroyed. It's a tower with an eye, a depiction of world control and domination. Tolkien must probably hated the idea of how humans will be destroyed by industrialization or modern development. 

The Tower of Barad-dur and the Tower of Babel in the Bible both have the same meaning. They are both icons of destruction. 

Don't get me wrong though. There's nothing wrong with modernization or industrialization on a number of good points. Nonetheless, just like the philosophy of the Matrix and the thought of Tolkien and the Bible, which I agree, this development is dangerous when the price it takes is the total destruction of the humanity in the end. 

Be richly blessed! 

About the Author
ARTHELO P. PALMA is a PhD in Development Research and Administration.