Why The World Will Never Be The Same Again After COVID-19 Pandemic? Insights To The New Digital Era

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COVID-19 is caused by one of the types of Coronavirus

COVID-19 pandemic is another global historic event. Together with this pandemic are our realizations about the past, the present, and the future.

In this article let us be brought by our thoughts into the future. Let’s uncover why the world will never be the same again after COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s find out how did COVID-19 pandemic bring the whole world to a new digital era.

1. Working digital or online

Before I discuss the necessity for having your jobs done online, let's talk about the three ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus.

The first way is to kill all the infected. This is also known as culling. We do this on animals during viral infections; however, this is not feasible for humans. Killing is murder. It's an act violating most of the instituted human rights law in the world.

The second method is to isolate or quarantine the infected. Nonetheless, as a pandemic, which makes it global in its scope already, COVID-19 can now be difficult to contain.

The third most feasible approach is vaccination. Unfortunately, it can take 10 - 15 years to develop a vaccine. It's complex to do so. The world has no choice, but to wait for the COVID-19 vaccine to finally arrive.

COVID-19 vaccine is humanity's hope to get things back to normal again

In the absence of the COVID-19 vaccine, our government restrains the usual traffic of people. This preventive measure ensures zero or at least alleviation of infection or spread of COVID-19. The government cannot afford to face a new wave of reinfection especially if it's at a faster rate. This government insight demands us to adjust from our normal way of life. Here where the part for discomfort sets in.

This pandemic truly has pained the global economy. In order not to be harmed that much, many companies offered work-from-home program via online. More companies are beginning to adapt to this reality.

Many companies, institutions, and organizations, especially from developing countries, are changing the ways and platforms in conducting their business. They implement online meetings, and provide direct engagements with their clients or customers via online.

More and more people become jobless amid COVID-19 pandemic as they stay at home. For matters concerning survival, many of them are beginning to search online jobs and opportunities.

Proliferation of digital businesses at a higher wave is not a slim chance. As a result, the IT industry and together with its other related industries begins to showcase evidence of booming.

2. Introduction of digital currency 

In the absence of the COVID-19 vaccine, and in the prevention of its reinfection, chance is that the world will begin to get rid of our traditional currency system. Bills can be contaminated with COVID-19 virus, making it as an ultimate source of the viral infections, and the possible recurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cryptocurrency or a digital currency has its welcome opportunity this year. In fact, China has started to implement a bit of it. The USA, on the other hand, is put under pressure to officially start with a digital currency system. It's just a matter of time for its official implementation.

The digital currency has been viewed to have an advantage because people will no longer use bills for exchange and other economic activities. Instead, everyone will just need to have their online digital account for fast transferring and receiving of funds from time to time.

Indeed, this paves the way for a modern and a new level of digital online transaction.

The world's leading economy such as China is pushing for digital currency

3. Innovations on digital technology

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces the whole world to go digital, innovation on various digital technologies is also irresistible.

In the future, there will be more innovative digital technologies to cater to the needs associated with online transactions.

Enhanced smartphones or any mobile digital gadgets will flood in the market as they offer more comfort or convenience in doing online or digital activities. Other supporting technologies will follow thereafter.

The telecommunication service providers are in fact getting ready. The installation of 5G wireless technology is inevitable. With the whole world becoming online and digital, the highest speed for Internet connection should ready to support intensely trafficked cellular data networks.

5G offers the fastest Internet speed in history

4. Emancipation of global digital education program

As a global social concern, COVID-19 pandemic also touches the heart of the global education system. Online education program or education at home via Internet is preparing to take its global dominance in the modern system for educational learning.

Unfortunately, this reality bites. Not everyone can afford to go online for an education system especially those learners coming from developing countries. For countries, especially the ones which are not yet completely set for the digital education, this transition is going to be a tough social challenge to face for them.

Global education system can be more accessible to all via online courses

5. Growth of digital support industry

Together with the digital business is the creation of the new industries that may support digital and online opportunities.

Global employment of Artificial Intelligence is not far from becoming real. In fact, you've already witnessed a bit of it as Google momentarily improves its algorithm for search engine.

Many digital support industries are expected to rise amid this pandemic.

Experts in IT, web content, online research, SEO and all other related experts will just be among the most in-demand individuals in the world. This comes with an idea that most, if not all, of human activities are done online.

Online tutorials will substantially increase in number and productivity.

A new wave for life coaching as a digital career doesn't have a slim chance.

More published authors offering their digital or even self-published books will soon double because of the increased accessibility to online education.

The list of possibilities goes on.

More industry will begin to grow as the digital world becomes the center of human activities

The reality is that this COVID-19 is not just changing our mindset, but it’s providing us with the justifications for doubling our time and effort upon the establishment of a complete global digital experience.

Are you all set to face an extremely digitalized world?

About the Author
ARTHELO P. PALMA is a PhD in Development Research and Administration.